Commercial Roofing and Roof Maintenance Advice

As an experienced roofer, we deal with  many aspects of Commercial Roofing and the Maintenance of Industrial  Roofing. This site is to pass some of our Industrial Roofing knowledge and experience on to you and to keep you in the loop re roofing regulations.

There are many different types of commercial roofing to meet the needs  of a wide range of buildingss. Every job is  different and has its own constraints and variables. The maintenance of roofs is big business and you need to make sure that you have the right company looking after this very valuable asset.

Prevention - not Cure

If something goes wrong with your roof you will want fast and effective service to rectify the problem. Ideally you would address potential problems beforehand with the effective maintenance of your roof. This would be the most economic option -  saving  yourself and your company money.

One Leak Leads to Another

There are many problems that can occur with roofs and if these are not addressed they  can be devastating for the structure of the building and for your company. The most common would have to be leaks. A leaking roof is a major problem , the longer it goes on the worse the problem will become. Water can cause an enormous ammount of damage. Leaks often occur due to bad practice in the installation of the roof. Bad installation can lead to gaps that may let in water. So our avice about commercial roofing and maintenance would be - prevention first!